Sunday, October 22, 2006

Baby's first blog

I'll start things off with an introduction. My name is Mary. I am a costume designer in NYC ( and I am addicted to all things textile. Like a lot of people I learned to knit and crochet from my Mom and also inherited the exceptional ability to purchase countless quantities of yarn, needles, books and even fiber and still manage not to produce anything tangible from my knitting. Well I guess they could be tangible if you wanted a really short scarf with knitting needles still attached.

I am currently obsessed with Elizabeth Zimmerman. I never thought knitting books could be so entertaining and inspiring. Check out any of her books, I think I have finally managed to buy them all. I also am a big fan of Leigh Radford and Teva Durham.

I tend to not follow patterns so much as use them for inspiration, though with my track record of follow through I'm not sure if it matters. I am currently in the process of designing some patterns of my own, and I am absolutely determined to knit finished products of them even if it kills me.

I will post pictures of my current projects soon, so that I will be shamed into finishing them. Or that is the plan, we will see if it works=>



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