Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The sweater continues

I am making progress on the sweater

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I don't normally try to co-ordinate my clothing and bed quilts but sometimes it happens I suppose.

I took the sweater with me last night when the husband and I went to see Casino Royal. It was actually a really good movie and I was doing pretty good with the knitting in the dark thing, I even managed a few of the cables, that is until I dropped my yarn and it rolled under the feet of the guy two seats away. I don't think he noticed but I didn't want to disturb some random guy in the middle of an action movie to ask if he could hand me my Yarn. And also being afraid of what the yarn might have landed in, I decided to wait until the end of the movie to retrieve it and see if it was covered in goo. Thankfully the yarn was fine and my embarrassment was kept to a minimum at the end of the movie since the guy and his friend split pretty quickly and I just nonchalantly picked up the yarn on the way out. But after all of that I ended up not screwing the top back onto my soda properly and spilled Diet Dr. Pepper all over the sweater and the inside of my bag. So today I will be giving the sweater a bath and cursing my incredible talent for spilling anything that stains or is sticky on everything I own.



Blogger nekkidknitter said...

Lovely color! Sucks about the DP, though...sounds like something I'd do! XD I'm just about to venture out with my first sweater. I bought the yarn on Saturday and started swatching but it didn't take. If we wind up snowed in tomorrow I'll have another go at it. I'm nervous, though, because I'm afraid if I cast off and block the swatch I won't have enough yarn. Guess I need to beat it back to the store and pick up another ball just to be safe.

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