Saturday, December 08, 2007

In which I discover other uses for pot racks

This my friends is what has been keeping me busy

Other Uses for Pot Racks

These costumes where a doozie. I had my first real taste of "designers block" and it was no fun, no fun at all. I didn't help that I only had 3 weeks-ish to design and construct them. But even with the soul sucking self doubt, they turned out amazingly. The photo doesn't do them justice in the slightest.

Now I must exit this haze of delusion I've kept myself in and realize that Christmas is now about 2 weeks away which means I need to have presents in the mail next week and guess who hasn't bought a single one?

Or perhaps I will just keep watching this you tube clip over and over.

How in the world did I not know about this show?


Blogger shescomeundun said...

The pictures do NOt do them justice. Having seen them in person, I can vouch for their fabulocity. Please post again when you have photos of them in action!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Veronique said...

Flight of the Conchords is a hilarious show!! Have you seen the clip for part time model? Oh, and the french song?
Your costumes look very elaborate and impressive! If any pictures pop up online, can you link to them?

2:02 PM  

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