Thursday, September 27, 2007

What the.....

While cleaning out my iphoto library today I found a photo from my friend Amy's surprise graduation party. I was being teased for having my knitting at the bar in my bag, so I pulled a Yarn Harlot and took a photo with my drink of choice (cough*schmirnoff ice*cough)

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The only problem being that I have no idea what the hell I was knitting, when I bought that yarn or why I was carrying around wool in the summer in St Louis, MO (side note, if you've never been to STL, just imagine the most humid disgusting suffocating atmosphere imaginable and you have STL in the summertime). It appears that it was knitting on a circular and is that seed stitch perhaps? I’ve ruled out a sweater, a toy, or a scarf, and it is definitely not my normal color of choice, and it is no longer in my stash of unfinished knitting. For now I guess I will just blame it on the gremlins.


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