Monday, April 30, 2007

Henry the Dinosaur

Henry the Dinosaur
Originally uploaded by Mary McK.

Meet Henry the Dinosaur

After months of procrastination and putting other projects first I finally have items for sale at the Coffee Den

He is the first pattern I’ve made that actually turned out how I wanted him to, which is extremely exciting. I have a few more toys still just in “prototype” mode, but they should be full on toys with in the next few days.

In other news I volunteered to spin at the Prospect park zoo fiber festival this weekend. My random observation from the weekend, did you know that children can felt wool rologs with just their tiny sweaty little palms? I am hoping this information will come in handy one day in life. You know whenever I am having a felting emergency all I will have to do is scrounge up an irritable toddler and I’m all set. That’s the way it works right?


Blogger nekkidknitter said...

hee hee...he's cute! great job!

7:59 PM  

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