Sunday, March 18, 2007

Oh The Beauty

So if you have read my “about me” blurb, you know I am not really an organized person. It’s in my nature to pile things in stacks and plan to deal with them later. Or my personal favorite of hiding things in boxes and planning to deal with them later because then they are out of site, and often forgotten about. Well last night I had an oh so clever idea (well clever to me, my standards aren’t that high) To go buy some PVC pipe have it cut to 65” and carry it home (It’s PVC, how much can it weigh?) And finally put all my yardage of fabrics on them so they are not just in a folded mess on my studio shelves. In Theory it sounded so easy I couldn’t believe my great idea.

I need to remember that I don’t live in the Midwest anymore. There’s a reason people say “If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere.” Even the simplest task can end up being the most difficult, exasperating, soul sucking experience you can imagine. Long story short, PVC is not that light, and carrying 40 feet of it no matter how manageable the pieces have been cut and taped together, its still freaking heavy. Especially over the mile of sidewalk I have to navigate between my house and the Home Depot and I won’t even get into negotiating the subway.

Also the Home Depot might want to evaluate their customer service. Expecting a customer to navigate through a crazy busy store with 4 pieces of 10ft PVC pipe down an escalator into the basement with 8 foot ceilings, by themselves isn’t great idea and when the customer points that out, eye rolling from the employee is not appreciated. Why the hell can’t they put the PVC pipe cutter near where they store the PVC?

But I am now the proud owner of several lengths of PVC that are great at holding my yardage neatly. I have only gotten through the wedding dress fabric so far but it still makes me quite happy to look at

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I’m going to ignore the not so organized yarn stash behind the bolts and just focus on the beauty of neatly rolled fabric.


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