Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And Her Name is Lucille.

So I ordered my spinning wheel, the only downfall was that I was going to have to wait until July since they were on crazy back order. Well apparently somebody cancelled their order and a wonderful package showed up at Brooklyn General yesterday.

Meet Lucille, She is a Louet Victoria in oak and she is beautiful,
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Yes I know it’s kind of weird to name inanimate objects, but well I never claimed to be very normal just ask Sally my Lap top.

So yeah, yesterday was basically like Christmas for me. Not to mention that I got to go to an amazing place called Material for the Arts. Its basically a huge warehouse space that takes donations of great stuff that is then passes it on free to non-profit organizations in the area. Not only did I get some great fabric for an upcoming project, it was also Crazy Hat Day

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Yeah we totally won. Not the most flattering photo of myself ever, but its hard not to bask in the glow of victory.


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